The best way to fight off different kinds of illness is to have a strong immune system. Your immunity can do a wonderful job of protecting you against microorganisms that cause diseases.

However, sometimes, it can fail and a microorganism can invade your system successfully, causing you to fall sick. If you want to fight this process and make your immune system stronger, here are a few ways that can help you.

How to Incorporate Healthy Living Strategies

It may seem enticing when you think about the idea of boosting your immune system. Remember that it is a system and not just one entity.

Therefore, in order for it to function well for your body, it requires the right balance and harmony. There have been various researches conducted that link lifestyle and better immune function. The first line of defense against germs is to adopt healthy living strategies as mentioned below.

  • Avoid smoking
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Eat healthy foods like fruits, whole grains and vegetables and opt for low saturated fat foods
  • Maintain your body weight to a healthy limit
  • Try and keep your blood pressure in control
  • Ensure that you get enough sleep everyday
  • If you drink alcohol, keep it in moderation
  • Change daily habits to fight infection like washing hands regularly and cooking your meat thoroughly
  • Opt for regular medical tests that are required for your age group

How to Improve Immune System by Food

Your diet plays a huge role in strengthening your immune system. However, most of us don’t eat enough of healthy foods that we need to fight cold and other viruses. One orange or some grapefruit cannot give you the strength to fight germs.

What you need is a balanced diet with vitamins and minerals, along with normal sleep routines and a lot of exercise to stay fit.

Vitamin C plays a vital role in strengthening your immune system. Start eating citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. Also, try and eat papaya, sprouts and strawberries for some added vitamin boost.

Vitamin E is also a great antioxidant that helps fight infection. You can find it in almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds and broccoli. Garlic has an active ingredient called allicin, which can help fight bacteria and infection.

Iron and zinc rich foods will also help give your immunity the much-needed boost!

How to Strengthen Immune System after Chemotherapy

Cancer patients usually suffer high immunity problems as chemotherapy and radiation cause the immunity of patients to weaken intensely. These treatments rapidly target dividing cells and along with the cancer cells, they also tend to affect the immunity cells.

It is important to give your body necessary nutrients to rebuild your red blood cells. These cells carry oxygen that is required to fight infection and strengthen the organs.

Folate, vitamin B12 and iron are necessary to form proteins and DNA that restore blood cells. You can take individual supplements or multi-vitamins to boost your immunity.

Moderate amount of exercise will also help improve your immunity after a chemotherapy session. Vitamin D, garlic, green tea, mushroom products and antioxidants are highly useful to boost immunity.

How to Strengthen Immune System after Flu

The road to recovery after flu can be a long and troublesome one. If you want to get healthier faster, you need to take good care of yourself and build your immune system.

You can place a bowl of water near your radiator. This will help add moisture in the air, which makes it easy to breathe. This is useful for patients who may develop a secondary infection like sinusitis, a problem caused after flu or cold.

Kiwi is also a great fruit to build your immune system. It contains vitamin B and folic acid, which is essential to boost red blood cells.

Yoghurt also helps to clear out mucus and fight new infections. You can also drink honey and lemon to help you sleep and keep you healthy.

Avoid coffee, alcohol, strenuous exercises, dairy foods and sugary foods while building up your immunity after flu.

How to Strengthen immune System against Allergies

If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, you will definitely be on the lookout for remedies that can send your allergies packing away. Immunotherapy is the best treatment if you are suffering from allergies all the year round, and no other medication seems to be working.

According to research, high level of stress can increase your allergies and therefore, you need to meditate and reduce your stress levels to fight allergens.

Remember that a healthy lifestyle is the key to fight your allergies. You can also change your surroundings to protect yourself from allergy causing germs. Instead of opening windows, try using an air conditioner or wear protective gear when you are outside to ensure protection from germs or allergens.

How to Strengthen Immune System after Antibiotics

Antibiotics are known to negatively affect your normal cells and therefore, immunity can go for a toss if you’ve been on antibiotics for some time now.

One of the best ways to build your immune system is to include probiotics, along with antibiotics. Sleep is extremely essential to rebuild your immunity. So, get at least seven to nine hours of sleep to recover from the effects of antibiotics.

Add two cups of fruits and two and a half cups of vegetables to your diet daily and start exercising for at least 30 minutes every day.

How to Boost Immune System in Children

Children are more prone to catching infections than anyone else. Therefore, you need to start boosting your child’s immunity from an extremely young age.

Following are some ways in which you can protect your child from infections.

  • Make it a point to increase fruits and vegetables in your child’s daily routine
  • Make sure that they sleep as much as possible as kids need a lot of sleep for a healthy immune system
  • Breast feed your baby
  • Make exercise a family routine and do it together
  • Motivate them to wash hands often
  • Don’t pressure your pediatrician to prescribe too many antibiotics
  • Supplements and herbs can also work wonders for your child’s immunity

Our immune system is our gateway to a healthy and happy life. Take good care of your body and immune system so that you keep germs and infections out of your body and enjoy a safe and healthy life!

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